Why did you choose these four ingredients?

Most protein powders use only a single protein source such as whey concentrate, soy, egg, pea, rice, a blend of wheys, or an all vegetable-grain combination. Structure is unique in the fact that it draws upon 2 plant and 2 animal sources to create a full-spectrum, high nutrient, well rounded, and optimally balanced blend.

What is Whey?

Whey is typically 20% of milk that is dried and turned into a variety of protein powders. Structure uses micro-filtrated whey isolate, which is more than 95% pure protein and virtually lactose, fat, carbohydrate, and cholesterol free.

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There’s coconut oil powder in your blend but does it taste like coconut?

No. Coconut Oil powder brings the benefits essential fatty acids and Lauric Acid to the table. Although, adding coconut milk to your shake is a fantastic option.

I thought protein powders were for bodybuilders?

You would think that when you walk into your local health food store wouldn’t you! Structure was specifically created to change that mindset. From the container, label, taste, and quality of ingredients, this is a meal replacement leagues above anything available on the market. Seniors, kids, athletes, and people on the go are all enjoying the benefits and taste of Structure.

Why include silicon dioxide?

To maintain a stable product that mixes well and doesn’t clump up.  All powders from cake mix to flour contain some type of anti-clumping agent. There is less than 0.12 grams per serving.