Structure was created out of the need for a convenient, quick, and portable meal that provides optimal nutrition as an integrative part of a healthy, active, and lean lifestyle. After 16 years in the fitness industry and seeing nothing on the market that provides the taste, nutrition, and results a protein powder supplement should, I felt it was time for a better blend. Structure is four complimentary sources combing the best whey protein isolate, egg white, hemp seed, and coconut to provide a full spectrum of nutrients that is superior to any product on the market. It is not a meal replacement but indeed the foundation of a deliciously constructed meal that provides energy and optimal nutrition to build muscle, burn fat, and curb hunger. Set the stage for a strong, lean, and healthy body by adding Structure to your life.

Lean Fuel

Obtaining an optimal and lean body is about taking in the right foods with quality nutrients. While eating lean meats, choosing good sources of fat, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils is always the way to go, sometimes schedules and time constraints do not make it possible. And heck, sometimes you just want to eat, without mega-preparation, and forget about it. Structure truly is Lean Fuel, and by combining the right ingredients you enjoy makes it a meal that takes seconds, but lasts for hours.

Provides Energy & Curbs Hunger

Structure combines the highest quality biologically available proteins, the right fats, and with the addition of nutritionally dense carbohydrates in the form of fruits and/or juices, you have created a shake with the proper nutrient ratios to fuel an efficient functioning machine-like body.

Your Ideal Partner in Weight Loss

With only 98 calories per scoop, and a *simple recipe coming in at only 264 calories, a shake with Structure is the perfect companion to control weight, curb hunger, and eliminate cravings.

The Perfect Post Workout Supplement

Two scoops of Structure provide 36 grams of protein and a full spectrum of amino acids. Add to that quality fat sources from the coconut and hemp seed, liquids of your choosing, and you have a tremendous lean muscle mass growth-support-repair system.